The Forest Investment
The Forest Investment Program(FIP)

Covering nearly a third of all land on Earth, forests are essential for livelihoods and jobs, habitats for animals, soil and water conservation, and carbon capture and storage. Since 1990, the world has lost 129 million hectares of forests—an area almost equivalent in size to South Africa—due to agricultural expansion, conversion to pasture land, infrastructure development, destructive logging, and fires. The Forest Investment Program (FIP) is empowering developing countries to manage natural resources in a way.

that achieves the triple win of being good for forests, good for development, and good for the climate. It provides direct investments to address the drivers of deforestation and forest degradation. FIP grants and low-interest loans help governments, communities, and business stakeholders work together to achieve sustainable solutions supporting the people and economies that rely on forests while maintaining the important environment services that forests provide. 

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