The Global Partnership for Sustainable and Resilient Landscapes (PROGREEN) supports rural livelihood development and landscape restoration while tackling declining biodiversity, forest loss, and deteriorating land fertility.

A World Bank administered Multi-Donor Trust Fund, PROGREEN provides tools and knowledge to support countries’ efforts to reduce poverty while tackling deforestation and landscape degradation, and increasing risks exacerbated by a changing climate, such as uncontrolled forest fires and drought. 

Healthy forests and land-based ecosystems are essential to life on Earth. Ecosystem services—such as water cycle regulation, carbon sequestration, and biodiversity habitat—sustain livelihoods by providing food, fuel, shelter, and jobs. Forests and landscapes, however, are under significant and increasing threat. Unsustainable resource management is leading to deforestation and land degradation driven by land conversion for agriculture, infrastructure, mining, and other such activities. This loss is impacting economies and environments around the world, most notably in rural areas, where 78 percent of the world’s poor live.

Through an integrated landscape approach, PROGREEN is helping regions and countries reverse these trends and meet their national and global sustainable development goals and commitments in a cost-effective manner. Check out the PROGREEN FAQ for more information.

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