Enabling a Whole-of-Society Approach to Tackle Climate and Conflict Risks in Burundi

Burundi landscape

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Overview: The PROGREEN-funded Burundi Climate and Fragility ASA (2021-22) conducted a scientific analysis of multiple risk impacts in Burundi, that work in tandem to exacerbate fragility in the globe’s poorest nation of Burundi. The study assessed multi-hazard exposure, socioeconomic vulnerability, and lack of coping capacity across Burundi’s Colline landscapes. The analysis identified and ranked Collines for climate resilience investment based on their overall climate risk score, hazard exposure, vulnerability, and lack of coping capacity dimensions. The Burundi ASA results are relevant for project preparation advance to inform climate-resilient investment decisions in Burundi. The ASA aimed to scale up landscape and community climate resilience works from 31 hills currently covered under the Burundi Landscape Restoration and Resilience Project ($30M IDA19 and $6M FA FEM, closing date: March 2024) to all of Burundi. The project investment model will follow a multi-sector climate resilience approach based on the findings of Burundi Climate Fragility ASA.

The overall objective of this session is to present the cutting-edge methods used to map hotspots of compounded climate, environmental and fragility risks, as well as the findings of the Burundi climate and fragility ASA, including recommendations for Nature-Based Solutions (NBSs) and analytical gaps for future assessments. The BBL will highlight good practice cross GP collaboration, and encourage adopting a whole-of-society approach among World Bank investment operations, cutting across transport, water, agriculture and environment, to address climate change, land degradation and other drivers of fragility in some of the globe’s poorest countries.



Moderator: Arame Tall, Senior Climate Change Specialist, ENB GP, East Africa Region

Opening Remarks: Africa Eshogba Olojoba,Practice Manager, Environment, Natural Resources and Blue Economy Global Practice (ENB GP), East Africa Region

From Diagnostic to Climate Resilience Investment Planning

Nfamara Dampha, PhD, Senior Climate Change Consultant, ENB GP, East Africa Region: Findings of the Burundi climate and fragility ASA
Leela Raina, Environmental Economist, ENB GP, Europe & Central Asia Region: Developing and Costing Community-level Action Plans for Climate Resilience
Shaban Mawanda, Red Cross Climate Center

Enabling a Whole-of-Society Approach to Tackle Climate and Environmental Risks: cross–sector collaboration to scale up climate resilience investments in FCV contexts.

Q&A Discussion

Urvashi Narain, Lead Economist, ENB GP, East Africa Region
Maria Cordeiro, Transport Specialist, Transport GP

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Cross-Sector Collaboration for Scaling up Climate Resilience Investment in Burundi’s FCV Context